xatos Car Bumper Fairing Plastic Welding Kit, Hot Stapler Repairing Machine, Repair Tool Set Carry Box with 200PCS Staples


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  • 🔌High-Efficiency: The Hot Stapler Plastic Repair Kit with adjustable heating levels, is ideal for quickly and easily welding cracked and damaged plastic parts, bringing back together perfectly.

  • 🔌Perfect Work: Wavy staple design for maximum load. Hot stapler for making solid, permanent repairs of breaks, cracks and tears in rigid or flexible thermoplastic parts. It produces a strong durable repair while still remaining plastic flexibility.

  • 🔌Perfect Fit: The ideal way to repairing most modern products which are made of plastics, such as cracked bumpers, headlights, plastics wings and much more.

  • 🔌Convenient Tool Kit: Hot stapler is easy to use and organize. Work with R-S16, R-S18, R-S26, R-S28, R-S38 staple. All in one suitcase, includes 1*Plastics Welding Machine with Plug, 1*Diagonal Cutter; 50*0.8mm Flat Staple; 50*0.6mm M-shaped staple; 50*0.8mm V-shaped Staple; 50*0.8mm Wave Staple; 1*Carry Case; 1*Barbed Wire

  • 🔌Tips: Note that improper use will cause burns or fire hazards. It is forbidden to work for a long time when smearing. Use appropriate personalprotective equipment at work: Heat-resistant gloves and eye protection to preventing nails from splashing during cutting