Wizards Wax & Polish (Shine Master, 16 oz)


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  • ONE STEP: Cleaner, Polish and Paint Sealant all in one. Restores faded paint when applied with a firm application to remove dead paint or fine scratches that dull your finish; use as swirl removers by hand after compound buffing or gelcoat polishing.

  • CAR WAX REPLACEMENT: Streak free polish, high gloss shine and easier than acrylic paint sealants, plus durable protection; better than carnauba wax or prime boat wax for boat polishing; apply multiple coats for extended protection on paint stuff.

  • SHOW GLOSS: Shine Master is the perfect all paint polish for fresh or aged paint on your daily driver, street machine or show car. Body Shops have used and recommended this car glaze for over 30 years to give their paint the best gloss and slickness.

  • PAINT PROTECTION: This exclusive Wizards formula is a professional grade polymer blend of a breathable paint sealant for the best car paint protection; referred to as one of the best car cleaning supplies today; must have for your car detailing products.

  • WHAT MAKES US WIZARDS: We strive to develop the best car cleaners and detailing tools since 1986; we formulate, blend and package our own products; a manufacturer with exclusive formulas and owner involvement, with a team of car- motorcycle enthusiasts.