Wizards Exterior Wash & Detail Bug Release (1 Gallon)


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  • QUICKLY REMOVES BUGS AND RESIDUE: One minute pre-soak for easy bug removal without harsh bug and tar remover chemicals, or a scratchy bug sponge; use as a spot cleaner or before complete car wash when auto detailing; car glass cleaner, chrome cleaner

  • SAFE FOR ALL VEHICLE SURFACES: Won’t attack paint, clear coats, plastic grills, rubber trim, or vinyl stripes; NO stains from harsh solvent or scratches from a bug scrubber sponge; car wash spray and bug residue remover for RVs, trucks and motorcycles

  • CAR PRE SOAK OR SPOT CLEANER: Use as a car spot cleaner, car glass cleaner or windshield cleaner spray; presoak front end for the best car wash and bug residue remover; bug remover spray creates a bug slide so you can easily wipe away and remove the gunk

  • NON-TOXIC BIODEGRADABLE: This biodegradable cleaner is easy on your vehicle, the environment and your hands; fast acting bug remover spray contains no petroleum solvent, caustic soda, acids, or bleach and is pH controlled so it won’t harm the ecosystem

  • WHAT MAKES US WIZARDS: We strive to develop the best car cleaners and detailing tools since 1986; we formulate, blend and package our own products; a manufacturer with exclusive formulas and owner involvement, with a team of car- motorcycle enthusiasts