VXSCAN Car Spark Plug Tester with Adjustable Double Hole Detector Ignition Plug Analyzer for 11mm Spark Plug


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  • Dual Hole Car Spark Plug Tester Detector have two testing holes, you can test two spark plugs meanwhile and and if you suspect any spark plug works improperly you could compare and test to make accurate judgment.

  • To Test spark plug performance and ignition strength, apply to 12V Gasoline vehicles car spark plugs.

  • Car Spark Plug Tester Using Note:1. Please Turn Off Power before you place spark plug2. The Spark Plug Tester is a high-voltage detector, so do not touch spark plug with hand at work to avoid danger.

  • Easy to use,save ton of the times and monies.Main Unit Size:145*85*60mm.Power Adapter: Input 100-240V AC / Output 12V 1A DC