Venttabs for Kia Sorento 2011-2015 Air Conditioning Vent Replacement Tab | 30-Second Installation | Easy Clip on | No Screws or Tools Required | American Design – Vent Outlet Tab Clip


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  • QUICK & EASY INSTALL – Venttabs patent pending one piece design allows for an easy no tool required installation of the air vent tab. Most tabs can be installed in under a minute! Designed to match Original Equipment Manufacturer – Perfect fit to vent slats.

  • SAVE MONEY – Car dealers will charge $200 or more to install and fix a broken air vent tab. With Venttabs you can fix the problem yourself for a fraction of the price! And not give your car to the dealer for a day.

  • LONG LASTING – Designed in America. Industrial grade ABS (thermo plastic polymer) which means that Venttabs tabs are made of superior quality material, better than most other brands. And passes Prop 65 safety standards other don’t.

  • STAY COOL – Nobody wants to sit in or drive their car and suffer because your air conditioning is blowing in the wrong direction. Now, you can fix your air flow and direct it just where you want so you stay cool on those hot days!

  • READY TO SELL? – Venttabs is a low cost and easy way to upgrade the very first touch point in a car. Don’t miss out on a sale because your dash-board is dated.