VacuMaid UV150GKP1 Extended Life Professional Wall Mounted Utility Vacuum with 50ft. Garage Kit Pro (Unit and Kit Plus 1 Inlet)


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  • The UV150GKP is intended for one user to directly connect the hose to the vacuum. No plumbing required. Utility kit may be purchased separately to convert to multiple workstations.

  • The UV150GKP1 and UV150GKP3 are designed for one user to directly connect the hose to the vacuum or to plumb 1 or 3 additional utility valves, respectively, for multiple workstations. Pipe, wire, fittings, and glue must be purchased separately to plumb the vacuum for additional valves.

  • LONG LIFE WALL MOUNTED UTILITY VACUUM. This system with its long life motor can last 3x longer than most standards wall mount vacuums and shop vacuums. 1500 hour motor life.

  • MANUFACTURED IN THE USA by the 3rd generation of family-owned business, Lindsay Manufacturing, Inc., since 1956.

  • FREE LIFETIME TELEPHONE SUPPORT direct from the manufacturer. If you need help or have questions, we are available to assist during normal business hours.