Unique RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment – Powder | for Dry Campers and Hot Weather Climates | Eliminates Odors Without Masking and Liquefies Waste | for Black and Gray Tanks | No Strong Fragrances


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  • ELIMINATES ODORS WITHOUT MASKING Many products claim they remove odors and they don’t. They mask smells with foul fragrances or simply don’t work. RV Digest-It works fast to eliminate odors in black and gray tanks using the perfect bacteria-enzyme blend.

  • DIGESTS WASTE QUICKLY With RV Digest-It you can stop worrying about clogs and backups. Our advanced, septic safe formula works quickly to breakdown waste ensuring your tanks empty easily and never backup. You can even stop using expensive RV toilet paper!

  • FORMALDEHYDE FREE Stop using products with dangerous chemicals and overpowering fragrances that only mask smells and cause backups. Completely eliminate odors using the most advanced, strongest and best probiotic-enzyme strains available with RV Digest-It.

  • TREAT YOUR TANK FOR LESS THAN $.65 – 120 TREATMENTS RV Digest-It employs the strongest, most advanced strains of bio-cleaners available in the highest concentrations so you get a premium quality product at an incredibly low price. No watering down!

  • FAST ODOR AND WASTE ELIMINATION FOR DRY CAMPERS Eliminates odors and waste in low water-use applications (like dry camping) and in extreme heat climates.