Unique RV DIGEST-IT Holding Tank Treatment Liquid – 64 Treatments – For RV black & gray water tanks. Liquefies sold waste, reduces odor and clogs. Prevents backups, reduces odor, and maintains working


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  • DIGESTS SOLIDS Inside Tank: Immediately starts digesting solid waste and all brands of toilet paper. With regular use, over time, it will dissolve years of heavy sludge and smelly scum. Reverse years of neglect

  • CLEANS: Maintains optimal wastewater systems. Prevents clogs, reduces odors, and cleans level gauges

  • REDUCES ODORS: Helps control foul tank odors. Part of a full line of Unique products designed to digest waste and reduce tank odors under varying conditions

  • NON-TOXIC: True Eco-Friendly, formaldehyde-free formula that is safe for your family, septic systems, and the environment

  • TRUSTED: Family owned, 100% Made in the USA, and trusted by thousands of RVers everyday. Established in 1997. The original eco-friendly tank product