TOPDON OBD2 Scanner Code Reader Diagnostic Scan Tool AL200, for Check Engine Light, Simple Smog Check of All OBDII CAN Fault Car After 1996


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  • 【Code reading function】: The obd2 code reader works on MOST 1996 and newer vehicles, regardless of makes and models sold in the US, Europe, and Asia. It can help you read DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes) when the MIL is on. Additionally, the built-in DTC library helps find the related code definitions, to determine the root cause of the Check Engine Light, saving you from searching online.

  • 【Mil turn-off function】: After repairing the faulty components, simply Clear the diagnostic trouble code and turn on the vehicle ignition, and you will find that the check engine light is off. It’s also very helpful when there is a fake warning of your engine.

  • 【I/M readiness checking】: This code reader helps you check I/M readiness to view the status of emission-related monitors that Your vehicle supports. This function ensures that the car exhaust meets the emission standards to save you paying fine tickets.

  • 【Information retrieving】: It enables you to read freeze frame data recorded by the ECU When there are emission-related faults, helping Solve problems effectively. It also retrieves vehicle Info like Vin which is important for accurate vehicle problem diagnosis.

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