Thetford Eco Smart Free and Clear RV Holding Tank Deodorant – Waste Digester – Detergent 64 oz 94029


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  • [VERSATILITY]: Eco Smart is a powerful RV and marine waste holding tank deodorant that will work year-round to eliminate odors

  • [PERFORMANCE]: Strong formula, breaks down and liquefies waste and tissue, ensuring a no clogging experience

  • [CONVENIENCE]: Measuring and pouring is easily done with the help of Integrated holding chamber, eliminating messy spills

  • [SAFETY]: Made from biodegradable ingredients, Eco Smart is a formaldehyde-free liquid in a child-resistant bottle

  • [FUNCTIONALITY]: The 3-in-1 formula contains a powerful waste liquefier for breaking down waste, a deodorant for eliminating bad odors, and a detergent for cleaning the tank walls and the drain lines