Teravan 16 Inch Tampico Large Spoke Brush Long for Tire Rim and Wheel Cleaning


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  • The right brush for the right job: Teravan’s Tampico Large Spoke Brush is the solution for getting your wheels and hubcaps really clean. Stop struggling with traditional rectangular and round brushes. Our spoke brush’s design is perfect for getting in deep where dirt builds up and corrodes your wheels.

  • Thsi brush uses natural Tampico fibers for maximum scrubbing power. Bristles are hollow, allowing them to hold cleaning fluids while retaining stiffness. They also have high heat resistance, making it a good choice for jobs that would destroy other brushes very quickly. Brushes is a total 16″ long. Brush head is 3″ at the widest and tapers at the end.

  • Teravan understands the importance of making brushes that do what you need them to. The spoke brush is ideal for small spaces that traditional brushes can’t penetrate. The narrow tip lets you get into really tiny crevices. Contoured wooden handle provides a sturdy brace that won’t snap under pressure.

  • These Canadian-made brushes are designed to last. Dense, thick filled bristles will keep your home and vehicles sparkling clean long after other brands have shed and worn down to a nub.

  • Teravan is devoted to making home chores easy, fast and safe. Scrub the tops of RVs and trucks, brush off winter stains from siding, and clear decks and patios from built up dirt. Check out our storefront for our full catalog for DIY spring cleaning tools and accessories.