SUNPIE Car Mud Flaps Universal Fit Black Splash Guards (4 Pack) with 20 Pieces 6mm Fastener Rivet Clips …


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  • RALLY LOOK. These car mudflaps are made of high-grade plastic, gives your vehicle a tougher, more aggressive look and a nice rally feel. Universal fit for Ford Focus, Subaru Forester, Nissan, Mazda etc. cars.

  • LOW COST. At a budget-friendly price, the universal mud flaps are better than the custom overpriced vehicle specific mud guards to do the protectiton job. A set of 4 mud flaps and 20 pcs fastener rivet clips.

  • PROTECTION-ORIENTED. These accessories work to block mud, road debris and small stones from getting kicked to the undercarriage so to avoid scratches, nicks, dents and further damages, and other vehicles from behind, also help deflect loose gravel and excessive rainwater.

  • FUN PROJECT. The plastic mud mats are not pre-drilled, you are able to customize how far they stick out from the car and how much they flare out, and enjoy the fun of doing the project on your loved car.

  • EASY INSTALLATION. Need to drill hardware holes according to where the factory holes are and fit them right on, you can use the existing screws and clips holding the wheel well lining in to attach them or the included 6mm fastener rivet clips.