SiQing Strong Magnetism Double Magnetic Welding Ground Clamp Magnetic Welding Ground Clamp Home Car Tool 11×6.5cm (With tail)


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  • ★★【HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL】 Welding Magnet Head can effectively help you to weld. Strong magnetic suction cup can work after being pasted. It will not fall off and improve your work efficiency.

  • ★★【CONVENIENT WORK】You no longer have to waste your time finding, placing or removing a ground point for a welding job. This device serves as the ground point, which you can take with you anywhere. Simply tack this onto a convenient spot, hook up your safety wire and you’re ready to weld.

  • ★★【MAGNETIC STRONG】 This magnetic clamp attaches easily to any smooth metal surface, flat or curved. It holds on tightly, without budging easily. Now that you’ve got this, you won’t have to take minutes searching for a good ground or attaching grounding tabs.

  • ★★【PROTECT YOUR WELDING ITEMS】 Sometimes you’re faced with a welding job that has limited options for ground points. You don’t want to have to damage a car’s paint job simply to affix a safety line. This magnetic clamp is handy to have in such situations. You can stick in on a car body and not have to damage the paint. The clamp can also be attached to metal poles, struts, railings or the welding table.

  • ★★【PACKAGE INCLUSION】1 x Magnetic Welding Ground Clamp(With End of line / Without End of line),strong magnetism Large suction. Single absorbable weight 3kg,copper tail Welding stability.