(Set of 2) 15×6.00-6 Tires & Wheels 4 Ply for Lawn & Garden Mower Turf Tires .75" Bearing


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  • Tire size:15×6.00-6 Ply: 4 Tubeless

  • 6×4.5 Wheel with Precision bearings; Hub is 3″ Long with .75 precision ball bearings. No grease required. Color: John Deere Yellow

  • John Deere Part # GY20638; John Deere AM127303

  • Fits on Models: John Deere Series 100 and 300 models; LT150; LT160: LT170; LT175; LT180; GT242; LX175; LX176; LX255; LX185: LX288 (WILL NOT FIT ON TRAILERS OR CARTS)

  • Tire OD: 14.96; Tire SW: 6.3; PSI: 30; Max Load: 570 lbs.