Seat Belt Extender Pros E4 Safety Certified Regular 7 Inch Seat Belt Extender 2-Pack (7/8 Inch Type A Metal Tongue) Click-and-Go to Drive Safely (Black)


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  • CLICK AND GO – Seat Belt Extender Pros extenders require no installation: just click and go! Tools are not required, just your hands to insert the metal part into the buckle. Simply put the metal tongue into the plastic receptacle to test whether you’ve found the safe fit for your car seat belt. Whether you’re driving to the grocery store or taking a long car trip across the country, bucking up can save your life while driving or riding in cars.

  • BUCKLE AND BREATH AGAIN – This seat belt extension is ideal for those who can’t otherwise buckle their seat belts, which may include some plus-sized people, police officers with bulky utility belts, passengers in non-emergency medical transportation vehicles, people with limited mobility or range of motion and others. Don’t feel choked anymore as you try to buckle up and still can’t reach the seat belt parts to fasten your seat belt. Get the extra length you need so you can safely wear your belt

  • #1 GLOBAL MARKET LEADER Seat Belt Extender Pros is the industry leader in premium, safety certified extensions. This extender was manufactured in an ISO-certified, DOT-registered factory. Quality matters when it comes to your safety, so we encourage you to fulfill your seat belt extension needs only through the highest quality products. Don’t settle for cheap materials and lack of standards when it comes to auto parts. Seat Belt Extender Pros offers not just top quality, but the widest variety.

  • SAFETY TESTED AND CERTIFIED – Seat Belt Extender Pros extenders are E4 Certified, a European safety standard recognized around the world, and labeled accordingly. When you receive your extender, you will be able to see the safety markings on your belt extension. Universal seat belt extenders do not exist – extensions that will fit every car seat belt do not exist. Each seat belt is unique based on the car’s model and year and where it is found in the car.

  • NOT UNIVERSAL, FOR YOUR SAFETY – Each seat belt is unique based on your car’s model, year and seat location. For your safety, extenders are never universal. METAL TONGUE DIMENSIONS of this item – tongue width: 21.5mm, hole width: 11.5mm, hole length: 20mm, metal between top of hole and tip of metal tongue: 6mm, metal between bottom of hole and plastic case: between 12 and 23mm. Do not purchase this item unless your specific seat belt metal tongue’s dimensions match all these measurements.