SEAFLO Macerator Waste Water Pump 12V New Anti-Clog Feature for RV Marine Trailer Toilet Sewer Self Priming


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  • SEAFLO Macerator Waste Pump. Empty Marine / RV Holding Tanks. Also Use with Fish Boxes & Livewells

  • 12 GPM OF FLOW. Self-Priming to 5 Feet. Will empty a 30 gallon holding tank in less than 3 minutes

  • ANTI-CLOGGING FEATURE. Dislodge Clogs Without Removing Hoses!

  • QUAD-BLADE CHOPPING DESIGN. Ensures problem free pumping, providing superior performance

  • Inlet: 1.5″ Threaded & 1.5″ Barbed – Discharge: 1.0″ Barbed – 4 Year Warranty!