Robinair (49134A) R134 Aluminum Manifold, Hose Set and Service Couplers,MultiColor


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  • Robinair Aluminum Manifold, Gauge, Hose, and Coupler Set for servicing R-134A refrigerant systems

  • Manifold is designed so all three lower fittings are connected to each other by internal passages

  • Separate passages from the low-side and high-side fittings to their respective gauges give pressure and vacuum readings whether the handwheels are open or closed

  • Handwheels and gauges are color-coded, with the blue compound gauge on the low-side (left), and the red pressure gauge on the high-side (right)

  • Kit includes: blue anodized aluminum manifold, brass fittings, color coded gauges, 60 inch (5 foot) long hoses, color coded 90 degree manual couplers, and a blow molded case