Robinair (15310) VacuMaster Single Stage Vacuum Pump – Single-Stage, 3 CFM


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  • Robinair’s VacuMaster Single-Stage Vacuum Pump is designed for air conditioning and refrigeration service; featuring a single stage rotary vane design, 8.5 ounce oil capacity, and non-skid feet

  • 3 CFM free air displacement; factory rated to 75 microns

  • 1/4 HP, 110V/60Hz thermally protected motor

  • Features an inlet fitting engineered for maximum airflow, while preventing oil backflow, and finned aluminum surfaces that dissipate heat faster, keeping the pump cooler and extending life

  • 1/4 inch flare and 1/2 inch ACME inlet fittings, easy to read sight glass, easy access oil fill port, and angled oil drain valve for faster, more complete draining of the reservoir