RimBrim – Protect Wheels, Calipers, and Discs from Tire Shine Overspray


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  • CLEANER – Using RimBrim eliminates 100% chemical overspray mess on wheels, calipers, and discs.

  • FASTER – RimBrim Eliminates 100% of time to reclean wheels when using tire sprays

  • SMARTER – RimBrim’s patented design solves the mess and time problem – Finally

  • GUARANTEED – 100% – Made in the USA

  • RimBrim comes in six sizes: 16″, 17″, 18″, 19″, 20″ and 22″. Refer to your tire sidewall for wheel diameter size. For example, a tire branded with “P215/50R17 93V” means the wheel diameter is 17 inches, which will require a 17 inch RimBrim.