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  • Measuring 58″ wide by 38″ high by 30 1/4″ deep, this couch reclines to 53″ deep when in the first reclining position and 62 1/2″ deep when in the second, fully reclined position.

  • Heat Resistant – Unlike traditional leather and polyester fabrics, the material has better resistance to heat. This means if your furniture is in direct sunlight for any period, it won’t be uncomfortably hot. Have you ever sat on a leather couch after it has been sitting out in the sun for a while? It’s not a pleasant surprise to have to jump back up again.

  • Feathering and Tear Resistant – Where your leather and polyester fabrics can delaminate and tear over time, catch edges, feather, and tear, your cloth material will be more resistant to those types of fabric mishaps, giving you longer-lasting furniture.

  • Breathable – Have you ever been sitting in your leather chair on a hot day? Do you remember feeling a lot of airflow and heat mitigation? Or do you remember sweating a lot? The latter is most likely the case. But with soft cloth fabric supporting you with its woven mesh, you will find more relaxing cool comfort with the cloth option from RecPro.