Parking Garage and Shop Floor Mats Under Cars,Wide Vehicle (Garage Floor Mat:9.55feet x 21feet)


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  • Versatile Uses: The Parking Floor Mat can be used on any surface on which a car parking, including garage floor, and any parking space

  • Floor Protection: The Parking Floor Mat is made of felt fabric which can absorb water, oil or any other liquid. The Parking Floor Mat can prevents your floor from dirt, debris, mud or stains

  • Easy to use: The Parking Floor Mat constructed with a waterproof membrane at backside which allows to adhere on the floor easily and keeps the Parking Floor Mat in place. When need to put away the Parking Floor Mat, just take it away from the floor and rolled it up.. The Parking Floor is washable and can be easily cleaned with hoses or similar cleaners

  • Durability: The Parking Floor Mat is made of high quality felt fabric with compact structure. It is tear-resistant and wear resisting.

  • High Adapbility:9.55FT x 21FT is large enough to fit most of car parking