OTKEFDI OBD Detector Breakout Box CAN Data Line Signal


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  • ❤ OBD2 Detector Break Out Box was used for car OBD line signal judgment and signal transfer. Using car fault diagnosis instrument can quickly determine car OBD signal receiving. Signal may not meet angle can take other signal transfer angle. Application is very convenient and solve risks across the line

  • ❤ In the process of using decoder OBD2 breakout box, error can be found and diagnosed OBD connector link

  • ❤ You can monitor the OBD interface voltage and ground, showed low voltage. Display diagnostic stitching error from the OBD detector breakout box

  • ❤ Jump for OBD interface signals. Signal lines such as decoder of 7 to 15 vehicles online.Rapid detection of OBD2 diagnostic connector whether every stitch of the normal communication

  • ❤ This OBD2 detector breakout box is a self OBD diagnostic tool for OBD signal transfer