OEM TOOLS 24936 8.0 Liter Evacuator | Oil, Transmission, Coolant Change Tool | Easy-to-Use Hand Pump | Extract Fluid Through Dipstick Tubes | No-Mess | Shut-Off Valve Prevents Spills


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  • MULTI FLUID-REMOVAL TOOL: Oil, transmission, radiator coolant, water, and more; this multi-use tool will save you time and prevent spills or messes that require exhausting clean-ups; simply insert fluid removal tube directly into your vehicle’s dipstick tubes, and use the hand vacuum pump to extract oil or other fluid

  • EXTRACT FLUIDS THROUGH DIPSTICK TUBES: No need to get under your car, or to use an expensive shop lift, the OEMTOOLS 24936 features two dipstick tube fluid remover that allows you to drain your oil, radiator fluid, or other engine fluid directly from dipstick tubes

  • VEHICLE FLUID REMOVAL TOOL: At 8 liters of capacity, this manual oil and fluid-extractor pump can be used for oil and fluid changes on most light and heavy duty vehicles

  • FOR PRO AND DIY MECHANICS: This convenient manual oil-changing tool is perfect for professional and DIY mechanics; quickly and easily remove oil, radiator fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and more during routine maintenance; and fluid extractor’s lid removes for easy recycling of drained fluid

  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: 8 liter fluid capacity; hand pump; shut off valve (internal float shuts off suction when fluid is at max capacity); fluid extractor’s lid is removable to allow for easy recycling of fluid; 2 dipstick fluid-removal tubes, 5-foot pneumatic flex tube