OBD2 Scanner Check Engine Code Reader, MS300 Car Diagnostic Tool for Most SUVs, Trucks, Vans, and Cars, OBD II Auto Car Scan Tool for Reading Error Codes, Turning Off MIL Light, and Checking VIN


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  • DIAGNOSE IN SECONDS: Save time by diagnosing the check engine light yourself and potentially save hundreds of dollars by avoiding expensive unnecessary repairs at an auto shop. Our OBD scanner gives you the power to decode engine light errors in a matter of seconds.

  • CLEAR ERROR CODES: No more driving around with a pesky check engine light. With a couple of buttons, this code reader car diagnostic tool reads and clears generic & manufacturer codes, which turns off the MIL check engine light, all without any pricey professional help.

  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST CARS: Diagnose and clear the check engine light of US cars made from 1996 to date, or European and Asian cars made from 2000 to date. If your car is OBD II compliant, the MS300 automatic OBD 2 scan tool should work without a hitch.

  • RETRIEVE VIN WITH EASE: Have a vehicle made in 2002 or later? We’ve designed our car diagnostic scanner to retrieve the VIN (vehicle identification number) in select cars. This especially comes in handy when looking up the information & history of a used vehicle.

  • CONVENIENTLY COMPACT: Easily store the car diagnostic car scanner in your glove compartment; it measures just 2.75” x 1” x 4.25”. You’ll also love the easy-to-read LCD screen. Go ahead, start diagnosing and solving engine light error codes with affordable ease!