Noico Tape Finishing Sealing Tape for car Sound deadening Installation


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  • Noico waterproof finishing tape is used to seal the joints between the pieces of sound deadener upon its installation into the vehicle. It also comes in handy when attaching the acoustical wirings and generally creates a neat and tidy looks. It keeps the moisture and dust off the seams of sound deadener and prevents butyl oozing from the seams.

  • Noico finishing tape consists of foil and special adhesive layer with protective release liner. The product is specifically designed for interior vehicle application with consideration for temperature drop, moisture and condensation. Unlike regular tape, we use water resistant non acrylic glue.

  • Please note: This product is not the sound deadener. This product is designed to be used only on vehicle interior during the sound deadening installation and shouldn’t be used for any other purposes, such as a heat barrier during the install of air conditioning/heating systems or any other non compliant purposes.

  • Product specification: Nominal thickness 2 mil; Nominal width 1.6 inch; Nominal length 33 ft.