MOTOMASTER Portable Air Inflator-Compressor | Dual Motor 120PSI Dual Power Source | Programmable Digital Display Provides Live Data | AC/DC | For Tires, Bikes, Balloons, Auto, and Balls


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  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Our digital 12v/120v Hi-Flow inflator has a dual-purpose inflator & deflator with the ability to inflate both high-pressure items such as car tires, sports equipment, and inflatable toys or high-volume items such as air mattress that require large air intake

  • DIGITAL DISPLAY & LED LIGHTING: Our inflator is equipped with advanced technology providing live data information on current air pressure and has a large backlit digital display screen. It is also armed with an added dual-function white-LED light bar and red flashing hazard light to help you work at night and keep you safe on the side of the road

  • AUTO SHUT-OFF & FAST INFLATION: Our inflator is designed with a programmable pre-set digital control panel with automatic compressor shut-off and memory settings and a 4-minute inflation time

  • WHAT’S IN THE BOX: You get a wide selection of nozzles and long extension cords. With a nozzle for inflatable toys, a replacement valve stem cap, an inflation needle for sporting equipment, a Schrader to Presta valve adaptor for your bicycle use, and a 15 A replacement fuse, the inflator has a 148” DC power cord, a 22.4” AC power cord, and a 23.4” air hose

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE AND 1-YEAR WARRANTY: Questions or concerns? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Your experience and opinions are important to us and we are always happy to help. This product’s performance is guaranteed, and you’re covered with a 1-year exchange warranty.