Mofeez Pro AC A/C Diagnostic Manifold Freon Gauge Set For R134A R12 R22 Refrigerants, with Couplers | ACME Adapter | Instructions


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  • Professional AC diagnostic manifold gauge set For R134A, R12, R22 refrigerants.

  • Material: Bass + Plastic + Aluminum + PVC

  • Include 3 color 36(1.2m)” long service hose with standard 1/4″ flare fittings. Hose assemblies for 3000 psi (206 bar) burst and 600psi (41 bar) working pressure. easily recognition, high (red) & low (blue) pressure.

  • 3000 PSI burst pressure, 600 PSI maximum working pressure, Fahrenheit(°F) degree unit.Sight glass to easily view refrigerant movement and condition during charging and recovery.

  • Package included:1pc gauge (1/4″ male),3pc hoses (36″, 1/4″ female),2pc couplers (1/4″ male, unadjustable), 1pc ACME adapter (1/4″ male to 1/2″ female),1pc R134A Valve Spanner.