MMPP Curved Window Wedge Paintless Dent Repair Tools Door Wedge Tool for Repair Auto Car Body and DIY Hand Use of Daily Life (2pcs)


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  • 【PDR Paintless Dent Removal Tools】:Comprehensive and professional and paintless dent removal tools kit, not just about repairing cars, it’s also about fixing things that make you headaches in life.

  • 【High Quality】:Good product quality, easy to store, saving money and time, can be repair auto body dent and Other damaged things by youself everywhere and everytime.

  • 【Usely Wide】:Can be widely to used it, For example, Auto Car, Motorcycle Refrigerator and Washing machine, Also Protect the original paint, effectively remove dents quickly. Something is damaged in life, and it can also be repaired.

  • 【Easy to Operate】:These paintless dent removal tools kit not only good for professional auto repair people using in shop , but also suitable for family people DIY repair.

  • 【Environmental View】:Environmental protection, high quality, high service, quick and effective help you remove the repair dents, become a great tool and a good assistant for repairing your car.