MaxAuto Trailer Tires 205/75R15 8 Ply Load Range D 107/102L Radial Heavy Duty, Set of 4


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  • Set of 4 Premium Trailer Tire 205/75R15 ST 205/75R15 205 75R15; Tire Load Range: D = 8 Ply Construction

  • Max Capacity: 2150 pounds; Maximum PSI: 65; Rim Diameter: 15″; Rim Width: 5.5″

  • Refer to your existing tire sidewall and/or trailer owner’s manual to determine the appropriate tire size and load capacity for your application.

  • Nylon cap ply ( nylon overlay cross entire tread area), significant upgrade from most other products on the market have nylon strips on shoulder area only, add the critical safety feature!

  • We ship your orders depending on their weight, when you make a single purchase of two or more tires, these tires will be packed in multiple packages which may not arrive at their destination at the same time.