Malco Aqua Bead Water Based Dressing, Non-Greasy Interior and Exterior Dressing, Shines Car Tires, Rubber, Plastic and Trim, Concentrated Formula, Dilutable for Variable Gloss,1 Gallon (129601)


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  • HIGH GLOSS SHINE: Provides a beautiful gloss to interior and exterior trim, engines and tires.

  • ADDS PROTECTION: Rubber, plastic and vinyl will last longer and look better with regular treatment while repelling water.

  • EASY USE: Can be sprayed or wiped on, and easily dilutable up to 1:3 for interior surfaces.

  • WATER ACTIVATED: Can be used on wet surfaces to enhance an OEM or satin finish.

  • WILL NOT STAIN: If over-sprayed or slung, Aqua Bead will not stain paint or other hard surfaces.