Liquid X Classic R.V.P. Combo – 16oz Rubber, Vinyl, Plastic Dressing & Pro Grip Dressing Applicator


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  • UV PROTECTION: With added SPF 35, our RVP dressing ensures the ultimate defense against harmful UV rays to prevent cracking, fading, and peeling

  • NON-GREASY: This non greasy formula leaves your vehicle’s trim with a satin finish that will not attract dirt or dust

  • NO SLING FORMULA: Our no-sling gel actually dissolves into your tires and trim, enabling it to endure multiple washings and several days of rain

  • RENEW & RESTORE: Bring back the deep black color of your car’s surfaces including tires, bumpers, dashboards, door panels, steering wheels, engine bays and more

  • WHAT’S INCLUDED? 16oz Liquid X R.V.P. & Pro Grip Applicator