KSEIBI 331215 300 Amp Welding Electrode Holder American Design


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  • This Electrode holder is Made from high quality materials for high conductivity and improved cable connections. Supplied with an allen wrench and cable connection ferrule, assuring efficient connnection and minimizing cable strand breakage at the connection.

  • Large 300-Amp provides durability, up to 5/32″ inch electrode capacity.

  • Lightweight and easy to operate with newly designed level for good hand clearance and better hold.

  • The high temperature / high impact-resistant molded fiberglass fully insulated body to protect against electrical shock and have powerful spring loaded non-slip insulated clamping jaws to hold the electrode tight so it will not slip while welding.

  • Use KSEIBI electrode holder to connect to the welding cable and con-duct the welding current to the electrode.