KALASONEER Oil Spill Mat,Absorbent Oil Mat Reusable Washable,Contains Liquids, Protects Driveway Surface,Garage or Shop,Parking,Floor (36inches x 30inches)


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  • Perfect Liquid Absorbent – The oil spill mat is made of compact and thick fabric which is capable of absorbing oil or other liquid. It is idle for driveway, garage, parking floor and maintenance shop.

  • Waterproof – The oil spill mat is covered with a waterproof film at backside, which can prevent oil or other liquid from seeping through. Further, the smooth waterproof backing can make the mat attacked to the surface so as to prevent the mat from moving around.

  • Durable – The fabric is durable, anti-wear, anti-tear for a long-time use.

  • Washable and Reusable – The mat can be reused after being cleaned. The mat is machine washable or hand wash with water.

  • Easy to Fit – The mat can be cut to fit any size.