Kaiye Automotive Tire Shine Spray Car Wheels Gloss Spray Cleaner, Tyre Black, Eco Effective Cleaning Tool Enhance The Appearance of Car – Tire-Prevent Cracking, Fading and Weather Wear


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  • TYRE SHINE TYRE BLACK, Effortlessly Enhance the Appearance of your Wheels

  • ECO FRIENDLY, No solvent or petroleum so will not harm your tyres and not harm yourself

  • KEEP TIRES LASTING NEW AND SHINY: The spray will penetrate and bond to the tire to prevent cracking, fading and weather wear while keeping your tires looking shiny and wet for many weeks!

  • QUICK AND EASY dry to touch formula, no sling and no mess. Don’t have the tire gel end up on the side of your car! This product keeps your car cleaner by bonding with your tires to prevent any sling and run-off after spending all that car cleaning time using things like wheel cleaner, tire cleaner, clay bar, car wax polish, then finally adding tire shine gel.

  • SHAKEING BEFORE USING, 15-20cm apart from the tire, and spray.Waiting For drying, and finished! So easy !