Jewboer Durable Leather Welding Jacket Long Heavy Duty Welding Clothes Coat Anti-scald Flame Resistant Welding Apron with Neck Sleeves for TIG Welding 40.5" Lengths


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  • 40.5″ Welding Apron,Heavy duty cowhide split leather,solidly built,Anti-flame retardant and soft,fire,wear,insulated

  • Safe and effective high collar protection,The use of high collar protection,can effectively protect the welding process caused by sputtering damage

  • Easy belt with socket design,Simple jack design,according to the different size of the regulation

  • Applied in welding, splash proof, heat resistant and other safe workplaces, protecting the arms and torso from welding spatter and heat

  • Ideal choice(maker,welder,fabricator,handyman)as a carpenter apron,blacksmiths apron,garage apron,mechanics apron,gardening apron,farrier apron