Jax Wax Ultimate Wheel Cleaner – Tire and Rim Washing Spray, 1 Gallon


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  • PH BALANCED – Created to safely and effectively removes debris without harming your wheels – safe on: chrome, painted, clear coated, aluminum, steel, and alloy wheels

  • DISSOLVES DUST – This easy to use cleaning spray removes brake dust, metallic contamination, mild road grime, fingerprints, bird droppings, bugs and water spots from any surface

  • QUICK AND EASY – Spray and wait. Apply Jax Wax Ultimate Wheel Cleaner liberally on a cool dry wheel and let the solution get to work loosening dirt and grim

  • CHANGES COLOR AS IT CLEANS – As the product starts to attack the brake dust it will change color from fluorescent yellow to a deep purple, so you know it’s working

  • MADE IN THE USA – Jax Wax products are manufactured in-house in the United States, they take pride in providing a consistent high-quality product made right in our backyard