ImpactLast Pro w/Protective Cover 6 in-1 Car Safety Device Emergency Window Glass Breaker Tool – Seat Belt Cutter – 2200 mAh Power Bank, 2-Mode Flashlight, Red Emergency Beacon, USB Car Charger


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  • DUAL USB, SLIM POWER BANK, DURABLE DESIGN – The 2,200mAh Li-Ion battery retains a long lasting and fast charge for all usb devices, without sacrificing portability or taking up console space. Our sleek, black ABS design and subtle logo do not take away from the interior of your car and allows for quick access in an emergency.

  • INSTANT WINDOW BREAKER- According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 52% of accidents involving a submerged vehicle result in at least one occupant death. Thankfully, with the powerful glass breaker, you and your passengers can make a quick escape.

  • SAFE SEAT BELT CUTTER- Let’s say you have a pocket knife or similar emergency tool with a seatbelt cutter. How would you secure it in your car while being accessible at the same time? This device gives you easy access to a sharp blade with a safe design faster than any alternative that can be misplaced after a crash or under water.

  • 3 MODE LED FLASHLIGHT- Imagine not only having the light from your charged phone, but from another more rugged device. Save battery life with the low beam setting, and navigate your way with the high setting. The red rapid flash mode will be sure to get the attention of a potential rescuer.

  • PROTECTIVE COVER- Our high strength design keeps your valuables SAFE, DRY, and WITHIN REACH in an emergency. The built in compass and glow in the dark band alone are essentials for any survivalist. The top is easy to open and fits your device and phone while still being usable, not to mention the ability to float and keep close with the included strap