HydroSilex Slick Car Tire Shine. No Sling Tire Shine with Color Matching Technology (32oz)


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  • COLOR MATCHING TECHNOLOGY. HydroSilex Slick is formulated to renew your tires, giving them a like-new appearance. Bring your tires from dull to slick with an easy application that prepares your vehicle for any adventure.

  • LONG LASTING SHINE. Add depth and contrast to your tires with Slick’s long lasting shine. Slick offers a no-mess formula, creating a deep luster that is quick to dry and easy to apply.

  • NON SLING. Finally, a tire dressing that won’t cause slinging and is made to last. Slick offers a non sling formula that works deep into the tire, allowing for a clean and fuss-free application. HydroSilex knows simplicity is key, which is why Slick remains a fan favorite.

  • EFFORTLESS APPLICATION. Designed by professionals, HydroSilex Slick is a very easy wipe on application. Use Rewind to remove any built-up dirt and grime from the tires. Follow up with Slick, applying to the entire sidewall of the tire, and removing any excess. Let rest for 30 minutes and the day is yours!

  • GLOBAL REACH. Combining over 25 years of knowledge of experience within the chemical field, HydroSilex has grown to become a leading brand made by experts for every user. Leading technology allows HydroSilex to continually innovate with passion.