HydroSilex Relax. Car Upholstery Interior Protectant Spray for Stains and Spills. Safe for Leather, Fabric, Plastic and Ceramic Surfaces. 8 oz


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  • RELAX. Protect and renew your car’s interior with HydroSilex Relax. The ceramic coating arrives in an 8 ounce bottle, perfect for storing anywhere and assuring you that big things come in small packages. No need for expensive detailing alternatives, the Relax formula is perfect for every user and surface.

  • PROTECT AND SHINE. Stemming from a line of easy-to-use and effective products, the powerful Relax formula protects your car from wear and tear, spills and stains, while also adding shine. Ceramic infused technology allows Relax to far outperform the competition, protecting your interior for months at a time.

  • SAFE FOR MOST SURFACES. Applicable on just about any interior surface, HydroSilex Relax is most commonly used on leather, fabric, plastic, and ceramic details. The unmatched formula allows for a transparent finish without any damage.

  • EFFORTLESS APPLICATION: Designed by professionals, Relax is made for simplicity. To use, simply spray onto the desired spot and buff into the surface. Repeat for the entirety of your project and allow yourself to sit back and Relax.

  • GLOBAL REACH. Combining over 25 years of knowledge of experience within the chemical field, HydroSilex has grown to become a leading brand made by experts for every user. Leading technology allows HydroSilex to continually innovate with passion.