HydroSilex Recharge (16oz) – Universal Hydrophobic Coating Finish Spray-On Protection for Paint, Vinyl, Rubber, Plastic


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  • RECHARGE. HydroSilex Recharge is a universal product that is engineered to protect virtually any type of surface. Designed using the highest quality ingredients, Recharge provides unparalleled performance. Super Gloss,Ultra slick, Hydrophobic, UV Protection, Anti-Corrosion & Anti-Oxidation properties help keep your vehicle protected and slick for easy cleaning.

  • HYDROPHOBIC FORMULA. The Recharge Spray features advanced ceramic technology to bond to your cars paint and create an ultra slick barrier that allows water and other contaminants to roll right off.

  • SAFE FOR ALL SURFACES. Applicable on just about any surface, the Recharge spray is most commonly used on car exteriors, glass and wheels for tire shine. It works seamlessly on paint, vinyl, rubber and plastic for that sleek finish.

  • EFFORTLESS APPLICATION: Designed by professionals Hydrosilex Recharge is a very easy spray on and wipe off Ceramic Coating. Divide your project into sections, spraying evenly onto a cool,dry surface. With a microfiber towel, immediately buff the section with waving motions. Use a second microfiber towel to lightly buff once more, repeating for each panel.

  • GLOBAL REACH. Combining over 25 years of knowledge of experience within the chemical field, HydroSilex has grown to become a leading brand made by experts for every user. Leading technology allows HydroSilex to continually innovate with passion