Homeon Wheels Clip-On Towing Mirrors, Universal Extended Mirrors and Extra Wide Adjustable Notice Applicable Vehicle Rearview Mirror is 0.59 inches Between Lens and Frame(Dual View)


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  • Notice: please do check your car/rv factory mirror top/bottom edge/shape to make sure it has enough space( Applicable Vehicle Rearview Mirror is 0.59 inches between Lens and Frame) to fit two holding brackets buckles. In addition, the strap is to increase the stability. Used normally, it is safe enough to use only 2 clips on the top of the mirror

  • Fitting instructions:1. Ensure straps are located in slots of fixing brackets.2. Place protection pads onto dome of the bracket screw.3. When positioned, push down firmly on each screw.4. Locate bracket opening onto rim of existing mirror..5. Once in position, tighten pinch screws firmly.6. Pull straps around rear of mirror and locate clip.7. Strap clips locate onto edge of underside of mirror.8. Straps may be adjusted to desired length

  • EASY & QUICK INSTALLATION: Clip on towing mirror is easy to assemble, no tools required, easy to adjust.Homeon Wheels extended mirrors has been designed to offer superior vision and a vibration free view far past your caravan. Adjustable towing mirrors provides more visibility for a safer towing experience

  • AIR BALANCED DESIGN: Truck mirrors for towing features 360 degree ball and socket adjustment and aerodynamically designed to reduce vibration

  • UNIVERSAL FITING: Dimensions – Extended trailer mirror size approx 6.5″ x 4.33” and fits driver or passenger side mirror. Fits most standard vehicle mirrors with clamp on and clamp off fitting. Such as most RV, 4×4’s, Trucks ,vans, Caravan Camper Boat Trailer. Package: 2 pack clip-on towing mirror