Halotronics RV 4 3/4-inch Round Electrical Cable Hatch for 30 and 50 Amp Cords (White)


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  • FEATURES | This round hatch comes with a snap close lid and an easy-to-slide vermin door with an extra heavy-duty hinge for long-term durability. The flexible backing securely holds your electrical cable while you are on the road while making it easy to feed your cord through the hatch for instant use.

  • DESIGN | It’s important that all external parts on your recreational vehicle are strong, reliable and long lasting. It’s also crucial that all accessories fit properly and lay flush against the vehicle’s surface for optimal performance. The design of Halotronics’ electrical hatches were made with this in mind.

  • QUALITY | Our electrical hatches have been made to withstand the inevitable elements that often wreak havoc on exterior accessories. Having been constructed with high grade ABS ensures they stay intact, resist fading, and are corrosion-free while they cover your electrical cords.

  • INSTALLATION | Easily install the hatch yourself with a few simple tools. Simply place the product in the desired location and screw down until secure. Once installed, this electrical hatch is easy to remove without damaging your vehicle.

  • SPECIFICATIONS | Unit diameter is 4 3/4” with a 3.5” cutout. Collar depth is 2.6″. Accommodate a 30 or 50 amp cord.