Greenway’s Car Care Products Tire Shine Dressing Spray Gallon High Gloss Long Lasting Shine | Spray, Sponge Or Apply with Applicator. Will Not Sling, Weather Resistant, Wet Look.


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  • ✔️THE ULTIMATE WET LOOK DARK SHINE- Greenway’s Magic Blue Tire Dressing will provide the ultimate wet look to any tire. Whether your vehicle is equipped with low profile tires, truck tires, heavy-duty tires, RV tires or any other type of tire, Magic Blue Tire Dressing will provide a deep, rich, wet, shiny look that simply outlasts the competitors.

  • ✔️SLING FREE FORMULA- The main complaint of many tire dressing is product sling. When applied to a properly degreased and dried tire, Magic Blue will not sling onto your paint. How frustrating is it to spend hours detailing your vehicle in order to have it ruined by paint contamination? Magic Blue “flashes” quick and stays on the tire where it belongs!

  • ✔️NO NEED TO APPLY MULIPLE COATS- Many dressings on the market need multiple coats of application to actually achieve a wet look shine, not Magic Blue. Magic Blue Tire Dressing is fortified with an abundance of high-grade silicones that will provide the ultimate wet look without adding multiple coats. Save time and money by using Greenway’s Magic Blue Tire Dressing.

  • ✔️LONGEST LASTING FORMULA – Greenway’s Tire Shine simply lasts. Magic Blue is very resistant to washing off easily when faced by rain, dust, snow, sleet and other environmental factors. Magic Blue bonds to the rubber in order to provide outstanding longevity and protection.

  • ✔️100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! Made in the USA with the best quality ingredients, Greenway’s Magic Blue will not disappoint you. We want you to be 100% percent satisfied with your purchase. We ship very quickly! Orders leave the same day or the next day and will arrive usually within one to three business days! Very detailed laminated card included to provide you with clear results to achieve professional results.