GooM R134A Car Auto A/C AC Oil Dye Injector With 13LS and QC15L,R134 R12 R22 Injection Tool Filler 1/4" SAE


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  • Practical:This injector may be used to add most A/C additive to our system from oil,dye,stop leak,etc;suitable for filling up the automobile air conditioning refrigeration system of R134A,R12,R22,R410A( some need to get help from a transfer tool,See thread size)

  • Convenient:It is no need to unhitch the refrigerant inside the system (the system does not need in vacuum condition);the oil tank can be unscrewed.Refrigeration oil can be filled into the automobile air conditioning

  • Oil cylinder thread size:Male 1/4 SAE,Female 1/4 SAE. Barrel capacity:2 OZ

  • Pipe working pressure:600PSIļ¼3000PSI

  • Products include: 1 x A/C Oil Injector, 1 x 13LS (inner diameter 13mm,R12, R22 to R134 Low Side Adapter), 1 x QC 15L