Gertmenian Brown Jordan Prime Label Outdoor Furniture Rug 5×7 Barnwell Collection Sisal Woven Modern Patio Rugs, Raven Dot Brown


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  • AMAZON EXCLUSIVE — Gertmenian (established since 1896) Prime Label outdoor rugs, Barnwell Collection

  • BELGIAN CRAFTSMANSHIP — constructed with ultra-strong cabled yarn on high-precision Belgian looms, both Platinum Label & Prime Label patio rug collections are manufactured to be a genuine all-season durable outdoor rug

  • RUG SPECS — 63″ x 89″ (5 1/4 by 7 1/2 feet) dimensions; 100% Polypropylene; PILE — 0.35″; EASYCARE — simply wash off with a garden hose, quick-drying

  • STYLES — brown base with contrasting woven raven colored weaves, designed in rich natural colors, better than sisal, tri-colored textured woven patterns

  • UV STABILIZATION — resistant to UV rays, as well as to mold, mildew & stains