Furrion Chill Replacement RV Air Conditioner Includes A Chill 14,500 BTU Rooftop Air Conditioner (Black) and a Conversion kit for Coleman/Dometic/Advent Air Distribution Box – EACCNV1


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  • REPLACEMENT FOR EXISTING AC SETUP: Includes a Furrion Chill 14,500 BTU Rooftop Air Conditioner – Black (FACR14SA-BL) and Conversion kit for Coleman/ Dometic/ Advent Air distribution box (C-FACR15SA-A01). This kit is comprised of both the electrical and mounting components required to install the Furrion Chill rooftop unit onto your existing Coleman (excluding the Airxcel Deluxe F/Non-Ducted White +715), Dometic or Advents’s Air Distribution Box and thermostat.

  • COOL & ENERGY EFFICIENT: The air conditioner has two fans, each with their own motor, to help move cool air faster inside your RV, making it 25% more efficient than single-fan units. It also has a built-in start capacitor that uses stored energy to give an extra boost of power to help jump-start your unit when a campsite or generator doesn’t provide enough power.

  • ULTRA QUIET: The Furrion Chill is built to be ultra quiet while in use. The VibrationSmart technology enables it to resist vibration on the move, while compressor dampeners reduce vibration for an operating noise so low, you won’t know it’s on.

  • DURABLE: UV-resistant cover protects internal components from water and debris while the thermal insulation regulates temperature and prevents motors from overheating. The EPP foam housing is water and chemical resistant.

  • INSTALLATION & WARRANTY: Wire adapter connects your rooftop AC to your existing Coleman setup and the 4 conversion brackets included in the Conversion kit help mount the AC to the correct height. It is compatible with both ducted and ductless systems. The Furrion Chill Air Conditioner comes with a 2 Year Warranty and the Conversion Kit has 12-month Warranty.