Furrion 15.5K Rooftop unit for Furrion Chill Air Conditioner System – Black


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  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: The Furrion CHILL is a 15,500 BTU Rooftop Air Conditioner for RV, trailer, or campers. The air conditioner has two fans, each with their own motor, to help move cool air faster and more efficiently inside your RV on a hot and muggy day. It operates at 115V/60Hz.

  • HIGH ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Furrion CHILL is designed with high energy efficiency and high cooling capacity at 15,500 BTU per hour. With up to 25% more efficiency (EER) over leading competitive single-fan models. The built-in Start capacitor offers an extra boost to help jump-start the AC when at the campsite or if the generator doesn’t provide enough power.

  • VIBRATIONSMART & CLIMATESMART: Designed and engineered for ultra-quiet (reduces operating noise significantly to 61dB) and safe operation with VibrationSmart Technology that helps resist vibration and ClimateSmart Technology that allows the air conditioner to function in extreme climates.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & AERODYNAMIC: Furrion CHILL is designed for lightweight and aerodynamic rooftop design to reduces drag and wind resistance. This improves your RV’s performance and contributes to the overall mileage. And the UV-resistant cover protects internal components from water, debris, and harsh sunlight.

  • EASY INSTALLATION & WARRANTY: The Furrion CHILL air conditioner requires a simple bolt-on installation. It comes with a user manual that has clear step by step installation guide. The Furrion CHILL comes with a 24-month warranty. Does Not include Air Distribution Box or the Conversion Kit (sold separately).