Forney 52755 Battery Charger, 6V 2A/10A, 12V 2A/10A/40A/200A Engine Starter


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  • ETL certified

  • Recessed control panel protects against accidental setting changes. Features LED indicators and button controls for easy reading and accuracy.

  • Voltage: 6-volts and 12-volts

  • Operation: At 6-volts, this wheel charger can charge at 2 amps (trickle) and 10 amps (standard). At 12-volts, it can charge at 2 amps (trickle), 10 amps (standard), 40 amps (quick charge) and 200 amps (Engine Start)

  • Suitable for Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), GEL and standard (STD) batteries

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