Fly5D dent pullers PDR Tools dent Removal Tools Pops a Dent Bridge Dent Puller Kit for Car Body Dent Repair




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  • Ⓐ【FLY5D ADVANTAGE】to old paintless dent repair kit, the new dent lifter can adjust more 1 cm height and more 3.8cm width, some glue tabs has more thick and big diameter, it will more effective and durable to puller the dent. In additon, the unique arched bridge design eliminates the chance for additional damage.

  • Ⓑ【THE LATEST DESIGN】The latest design is inspired by the customer’s reveiw and feedback, constantly innovating and improving the product in order to make the best for the customer.We are professional manufacturer as well as honest sellers

  • Ⓒ 【YOU ARE WORRIED】Please pay attention: The glue is a key to make your repair succeed, our glue is the best on the market.If you buy any other glues , your just can NOT do your repair job.Big discount for large quantity, please contact us for a reasonable price

  • Ⓓ【WHY NOT TRY IT】Many people have never experienced the fun of DIY car repair, why not try ? it costs less than going to 4S shop. In order to save your time

  • Ⓔ【WHAT YOU GET】We foucs on product quality and customer shopping experience, if you are not satisfied with our products and services, please tell us, we will do better for you.We offer a 3 year guarantee