Flow Security Systems | VersaLock | Vented Locking Fuel Tank Cap | For Transfer Tanks & Above Ground Commercial Tanks | Prevents Theft & Secures Fuel Tanks | Includes Adapter | FSS 754


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  • PREVENT UNAUTHORIZED USE: The Flow Security Systems PRE-VENT Fuel Cap is a quick and inexpensive way to safeguard costly fuel and oil from theft, tampering, siphoning and vandalism. The Versa Lock utilizes the patented free spinning design, perfect for all business owners who want to secure their transfer fuel tanks.

  • MULTIPLE USE: The FFS 754 is designed for use on mobile fuel transfer tanks as well as above ground commercial gas and distillate tanks. The VersaLock has weather proof self-closing latch covering the face of the lock to prevent dust, dirt, debris and moisture from entering the lock.

  • KEYED DIFFERENTLY OR THE SAME: The Versa Lock can be keyed alike so that multiple fuel caps can be secured with the convenience of having only one key. Perfect for those who have multiple transfer tanks and don’t have to carry different keys for each tank. But if you prefer a different key, that option is also available. The VersaLock can also be keyed differently so that each fuel cap can have its own unique key, providing added security for your tank.

  • BUILT IN VALVE: The FSS-754 uses built in valves to equalize the pressure and vacuum. Pressure vent valve allows pressure relief valve to open at 1.5 Lbs and vacuum release to open at 1.5 OZ. This heavy duty lock is make from hard non ferrous alloy and fits standard 2 inch male thread.

  • PATENTED DESIGN: The FSS 754 is different from any other cap on the market today. It is designed with our patented “free-spinning” technology. When the cap is in the secure mode the cap will free spin making it virtually impossible to remove.